Free Winter Health Check

Free Winter Health Check

Free Winter Health Check with MOT booked in November

Winter is finally upon us, with impending frosty mornings and icy roads. Imagine the inconvenience of heading out into the crisp morning air to discover your car battery is flat. Or taking your usual route to work, but the car is sliding around corners, or the traffic in front starts to come to a standstill and your car is not breaking as efficiently as it should….

Did you know:

  • Tires with low tread affect a car’s ability to brake quickly and efficiently, this paired with slippery roads make for a very dangerous drive (not to mention potentially illegal).
  • If you use water instead of a quality antifreeze in your car’s cooling system, it will freeze causing huge internal pressures – something which is liable to cause severe engine damage.
  • Cold weather can hinder the chemical reaction needed to make batteries work – the reason why you may sometimes have problems starting your engines on a cold morning!

Book your car in for its MOT with us through November and we will give you a free winter health check!

This includes:

  • Computerised battery health check
  • Tyre tread depth and condition checked
  • Antifreeze level check

Don’t get caught out this winter. Contact us now to book your MOT and FREE winter check!

Weston Beach Race Result

Weston Beach Race Result

Huge congratulations for Todd and Paul for competing in this years beach race! Todd came 7th in the youth 125cc category and 17th in the race overall! Paul was in 214th position in a field of 780 after 2 hours and with 1 hour remaining. He unfortunately then had a collision which smashed his radiator… Continue Reading

Weston Beach Race 2017

Weston Beach Race 2017

We would like to wish our very own Paul and Todd the best of luck at Weston Beach Race this weekend. Todd will be racing on Saturday and Paul in the main event on Sunday. For over three decades the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race has been the maddest, baddest and biggest event on the UK… Continue Reading

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